Skateboarding in rural South African children


Outdoor games are being developed and new ones are also discovered. It is not just only the era of basketball or volleyball sports but it has now become an era of many outdoor sports activities. Surfing is not just the one that is loved by many who loves the sea but there are many additional sea or water activities. By just thinking of these activities, you get the feeling of wanting to go outside and be with nature.

Sports are not just for the sake of winning but it can be used for reformation, education, and development. Many organization or agencies are making every effort to help many children that are not given many blessings of education and food. Now organizations do not just focus on education at the formal way but to a way that is seen as very positive and fun and entertaining. It is through sports. It was proven to be very effective and so many organizations have adopted a certain kind of sports that they teach and hope that through that they can help the community.

The short film above shared on the internet shows just how the children have made effort and practice well to be able to improve in their well being as a human and as a citizen. If you want to learn more you can just search and see a more interesting video about it. Come back and read more articles on this website.

Facts about gamer you do not know


The gaming industry is an industry that is now amassing great profits and an industry that many wants to be involved in. Many game creators are flocking to the game companies to sell their own created and developed game. It is not easy as you should demonstrate that your game can function well and you should be able to persuade the officers or owners that you have created a game that will sell and bring them much profit.

Gaming has also gained a negative perspective to nongamers as they are seen to be violent and do not mind other internet shop customers as they can just shout at each other and be noisy as they can. They can be called rude as when they are concentrating on their game they do not care much of others and their surrounding. But for a light environment and view of the gamers, let us see some facts that are presented in the video as facts about gamers. One of it is that gamers are labeled as lazy or overweight. They get this label as they are seen to be just sitting in front of a computer and just playing.

It is not applied to all as some of them play with a time limit. They play for five hours and then go to the gym for some exercise. So, like this, we should not get the one side of the story but the two sides of the story and it will be fair.

Ten benefits you could get in gaming


Children can be very addicted to gaming. If we see the situation in theses days, we can see many internet shops that are full of gamers. They can play in the day, during the night and until at dawn. Sometimes we come to admire their dedication and patience just sitting there and eyes are focused on the screen. Their hands quickly pressing the keyboard or using the mouse. How good gaming is that many are addicted to it?

Many people like parents do not like much gaming when the effect to their children is not good but they cannot control their children and just hope they will be okay. They are worried about them because of their future. Some parents are different as they encourage their children and even support them on their gaming. They buy them own computer, install computer games, buy accessories and give time to their children to play. It has its own advantages and disadvantages as parents also have opposite viewpoint about it. For some peace of mind, watch the video above that states ten benefits of gaming.

On the bright side, let us see one of the benefits of gaming in the video. Doctors who play video games are more good in conducting keyhole surgery in comparison to the nongamer counterparts. If you see over here you will understand other things that are done in the internet industry that are interesting and can be profitable.  There are many dresses that you can choose to wear in attending a wedding party. Like Jasmine wedding dresses and gowns. You can shop all you want in there because literally they have many designs that you can choose.

The top 10 educational video games


Many parents give a negative reaction when you say bout video games and many will get angry if you say you use your money to play video games. But they will change their mind and reaction when you will say that it is also educational and it is a project in the school. The skeptical parents would not give way easily so they need more persuasion and even walk through into the games so they can see how it is educational.

It is a normal reaction and you can let them see this video for them to stop nagging you. Years ago, video games were already being used by many children and they can testify that it is a useful tool to be educated. So for those who are looking for good video games, here is the suggestion on the above video. One of the game is Learning with Leeper that was developed in 1983. See, they already used a long time ago so what is the difference of playing video games when you can learn? You might make this argument with your parents.

More of the educational video game is Math Blaster series that runs from 1983 until the year 2009. The Number Munchers is also part of the list that was created in the year 1986. If you finished reading and watching the content of this article to see some treat.

The Targets of Online Games.


Online games was created by many programmers in order to create money. Thus they are really earning millions of money. Although it is not bad to play games, of course creator of online games never thought that they would be killing many due to online game. They never prayed for such things to happen. Who are the targets?

Kids- Kids are really very obedient to the negative things that they see. Of course, they do not realize how bad it is to be addicted to games.

But before they realize that they are addicted to it, they already think that gaming is very sweet.

Teenagers- Teenagers are very active when it comes to the knowledge in technology and IT. They have the idea of exploring something new and so they found out about computer world. What are they doing during their break times? You see them looking at their phones or computers doing games. They do not consider studying as much more important than gaming. And they even boast that they are expert in gaming.

Adults- Adults who have no families are also addicted to gaming. There are also mothers and fathers addicted to gaming and that they are now having a hard time to manage their children. Afterwards, their children follow them and all of them become computer addict. What will happen to that family? This is what the government want to solve, unfortunately, they have not done something to decline the issue. Poor are the people who do cannot see what is more about life due to playing games.

Control Yourself When Playing a Game


Playing a game is a sort of entertainment to many people. Runescape now is one of the games that people are addicted to. Of course, gaming is not bad if you know how to control yourself. You must control yourself when playing a game. It is not too much to say that people are addicted to computer games. When you go to computer shops, students are there cheering for their game. Adults are not an exception. They too play in their homes using their PCs.

The most embarrassing is that when adults are found playing games without doing their tasks as adults. It is not surprising to know that there are many adults addicted to gaming and that they neglect their duty to take care of their families. This is why there are lots of children who do not grow properly because of this gaming. Self-control is needed when playing because once you started playing this game, the venom of the game comes on you so that you will be attached to it.

Once you are addicted to it, there is a very small hole for you to get out. If you do not take small hole as an opportunity to get out, you will stay as a prison of computer games forever. This is why online gaming is advisable only to those who have self-control. Many kids and adults actually are slowly killing themselves through this game. In fact, even 4 years old kids are already exposed and addicted to online gaming. How can they survive?


The benefits of the traditional games


Traditional games are one of the things that was enjoyed much by us when we were young. We have much joy playing them and there are games that are played at the evening time that makes childhood days very memorable. Traditional games are many that they can be done indoors or outdoors. They are very fun and entertaining that you can play all day and also every day as you can play them at school during school days. As we give much praise to them, let us also understand the benefits they can give.

As traditional games are mostly played in the neighborhood, it is a great way to learn socialization. Have experience that you know many children and also their mothers in your neighborhood than your mother knows? Maybe you are the more active player in your community. Traditional games also let the children learn to give way to others in games that involve them to have each their turn to do something. At that, they can learn not to be greedy but to be friendly. It is a better way to teach children rather than continually saying to them through words.

One of the obvious benefits of traditional games is that children can have good physical activity especially if they play outdoors. They can run and also jump that makes them use their body. If you also want to click resources, you will find an interesting company that will encourage your appetite.

The positive connection: games and education


In everything, people find some advantages and disadvantages. It is natural as we live on the earth where all are created balanced or equal. We humans are the ones who just either make it bad or good sometimes. When we were given the planet earth, we have made human activities that made the earth to what it is today. We cannot blame anyone on what we are experiencing but only us humans who live on this earth. The problem is that the balance that was set was not maintained.

In application to the topic of this article, the connection of education and games. We will look at the positive effect or connection. It just depends on our mindset how we see things so today, let us set our minds into positive one. You can watch the video the principle of the presenter on how he see games and education connected to each other. A game is not the main focus for education as any game can do to be used as a tool. A game has the same set of rules.

You should solve the problem or should achieve the goal to finish the game or attain the goal of the game. If you watch more the video you can gain knowledge and understand more the question you have on this article. Just browse on the site web to read on and see more interesting articles. Classic styles that will make your wedding dream come true comes with the theme design of your gown. Vintage gowns will make your wedding more classic. This type of theme is one of the best.

Knowing the traditional games of Koreans (and the world)


Korea is undoubtedly a famous country that is located in the continent of Asia. Korea is divided into two nations and we will feature the South Korea part in this article. We can say many things about Korea as many things are famous about it. But we will not indulge you much with it. An example of things that South Korea is famous for is about plastic surgery that has become very common and a billion dollar industry that keeps on growing.

One of the thing that we will share about the country South Korea is their traditional games. Traditional games are passed from one generation to another until the times of the modern games are developed and are more admired by the present generation. Traditional games have its own character that makes children before missed them and want to play them but they cannot teach to their children nowadays as it was changed to the modern playing environment. If you see on the video, some of the games featured are also played in other nation but with different looks of the tools or the toys.

I am amused and excited to see that the games here are the same games that we have played during our childhood that was taught by our nanny. You can read more here in the link some good and beautiful designs courtesy of the designers in the field.

The use of games for learning in assessment in schools


The school is one of the big parts of someone’s life. It begins at pre-school then to elementary passing through high school and going to college until higher degree courses. The terms and age vary in different nations but one thing that can be common and can be applied to all schools is the use of video games for learning and also an assessment of the children’s ability of learning and education. It is not a new theory but its application is quite not that popular.

In other nations, they are open to challenges that would allow students to be more mature in learning and have responsibilities of their action. Children should not just receive knowledge but should achieve an education that could help them in their lives outside the school. it is the ideal form of education but is it not easy to achieve. Even if many have tried to let the school system one that benefits both the students, teachers and the school, it is not implemented due to some reasons that many do not want to overcome.

There is a fixed idea that was hard to break and it just passes from one generation to another. But as we see how technology continually affects each person’s life including the student, teacher and the school it seems many will change in the near future like the 冷氣維修 that is being developed as time pass by.