You want to earn RS Gold by playing Runescape….Well, it’s nice playing runescape if you really are earning something from it. By the way, RS Gold are exchanges in playing Runescape. The more you earn gold, the more you can play Runescape allowing you to experience real world gaming. IT is pretty much easy to play this game but it is not easy to earn gold by yourself by just logging into your Runescape account and playing with it. NO! Here are the steps you can earn money.


There are two way to bot: Suicide botting and botting with a long term focus. This have different ways in earning money. If you aer a beginner, it is advisable to use the suicide botting since banning will come to you in 48 hours. This means that it is not risky or your investment is very low but your profit is also very low. Here it is better to use free scipts and free-to-play account. This will be easier for sure.

Another method is the long term focus. It is long term focus because you have to focus from not being banned. This is why this game requires a lot of investment but you will obtain a high rate per hour. But if you will be banned suddenly, your investment will be crashed in the blink of an eye.

Before you play, you find  a botting client. A client that will serve your online gaming, like tribot, powerbot, runemate, asking you to log in to the account. They also offer the prices and you just have to choose one.

After that, you must find a Scipt. You can use public or private scipt. Nowadys, there are numerous people using public script. Public script has a higher ban rate so if you are enjoying the suicide botting, this will be alright. Lower ban rate is attained through private scripts. Gaming is all up to you. Choosing script is all up to you. Anyway there are prices in every script so you can just choose from all the options.

Next, bot with a new IP Address. The reason why you have to get new IP address because you will be banned whenever you play. Then in this case, Socks5 Proxies is possible for you to have go to a fresh address.